The Maldives’ most important historical landmarks are the most recent driver of the country’s booming tourist industry. 

In 269 BC, the king of Kalinga’s kingdom was considered the founder of the Maldives. Since then, Maldives has come a long way to be one of the most sought-after tourist destinations globally. It is well known for being where the Indian Ocean is endowed with magnificent marine treasures that welcome travellers to enjoy.

But is this all the Maldives has to offer? The response is no! You’d be shocked to learn that.

The architectural wonders of the Maldives never cease to wow visitors, as does their masterful incorporation of Islamic design elements into their marble and brick structures. Here are the top Maldives monuments.

1. Victory Monument

The triumph monument, which proclaims Male’s victory against the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers, represents the fortitude of Male’s inhabitants and serves as a reminder of their courage. It is situated in an area with no traffic; Visitors adore coming here to learn more about the nation’s illustrious past.

2. Hulhumalé Mosque

Religion has spawned several exquisite works of art both within and outside the world. One such building that incorporates the distinctive architectural styles of the Mughal empire is the Hulhumalé Mosque, which is situated in Hulhumalé, the Maldives. It is a place of worship as one of the Maldives’ most stunning mosques. To see the monument’s exquisite architecture, go there. This location is a must-see for everyone who enjoys tranquillity and a sense of holiness. This is one of the most beautiful monuments in mali.

3. Hukuru Miskiy (Old Friday Mosque)

Locally known as the Old Friday mosque, Hukuru Miskiy is a stunning religious structure with delicate coral stone carvings and famous monuments of Maldives. The architecture of Hukuru Miskiiy contains amazing intricacies that make it more attractive and unique. Quranic verses are chiselled into it as additional decorations. This monument receives massive numbers of visitors worldwide, and you may spend some time there or nearby to appreciate its tranquil beauty.

4. Tsunami Monument

Every monument has a unique history; although some are pleasant tales, others are ones of loss. It is a memorial to the devastating tsunami, which is why it is a popular landmark in Maldives. The names of those who have passed away are inscribed on the vertical rods that make up the building, making this area more than just a monument.

5. Sinamalé Bridge

The Maldives, as we all know, is the nation with the most stunning place in the Maldives. The Sinamalé Bridge serves as a link between Male’s stunning islands. both Hulhumale and Hulhule. While admiring the enchanting beauty of the waters below, you can stroll across the lovely bridge. It will be one of the most visited islands in Maldives Every night; the entire bridge is adorned, making it a spectacle not to be missed. If you’re looking for peace of mind, you should visit the bridge because of how quiet and calming the sound of water is all around it.

6. Jumhooree Maidhaan (Republic Square) Of Maldives

Jumhooree Maidhaan is situated in Male, the Maldives’ capital city. As a source, Jumhooree Maidhaan is also known as Independence Square or Republic Square, which is the pride of Maldivians. People from the Maldives visit Republic Square mainly in the morning and evening strolls because of how calm and soothing the area is.

 7. Mulee-Aage Palace

The official house of the President of the Maldives is this stunning tower located in the centre of Male. The building’s architecture conveys a lot about its historical significance because it is strikingly reminiscent of Sri Lankan colonial-era structures. No one can visit the house without admiring its magnificent look and unbelievably superb construction.

8.Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim III

The Maldives President’s official house is this stunning tower located in the centre of Male. The building’s architecture conveys a lot about its historical significance because it is strikingly reminiscent of Sri Lankan colonial-era structures. Everyone who enters the house can’t help but appreciate its splendour. It has a majestic look and unbelievably excellent construction.

9. British War Memorial, Maldives

This Memorial was built on Gan Island in the Addi Atoll to honour the British troops who lost their lives while serving in the Royal Air Force between 1941 and 1971. Two World War II guns are positioned in front of the Memorial to protect it in this famous location.

10. Isdhoo Buddhist Stupas

Isdhoo Buddhist Stupas, located at the northernmost point of the Atoll, is the best place to learn about the Maldives’ Buddhist heritage. Since many of them were demolished and mosques took their place when the nation converted to Islam, the area is now covered in crumbling Buddhist stupas. Following the discovery of Buddhist artefacts and pictures on the island, this location saw a significant increase in tourists.

11.Kuruhinna Tharaagandu

A freshly found archaeological site on Kashidhoo Island. The location is a highly significant historical monument in Maldives and is said to have formerly been a Buddhist monastery. The location provides insight into the Maldives’ Buddhist past as it was used throughout the pre-Islamic period in the seventh and eighth centuries. Excavations and studies are now being conducted to learn more about this location.

12. Utheemu Ganduvaru

The old home and birthplace of Sultan Mohmed Thakrufaanu are Utheemu Ganduvaru. He was one of the Utheemu Dynasty kings that unleashed a significant uprising against the Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century, and he is known for it. The Haa Alif Atoll in the northern Maldives is home to Utheemu Ganduvaru. Additionally, there are Haa Alif Atoll administrative residents there, and the area has an island-level government. The location, 297 kilometres from Male, the nation’s capital, is ideal for tracing the history of the Utheemu Dynasty.

Is it wise to take a historical retreat to the Maldives?

Yes. Indeed! Definitely! When combined with overwater bungalow accommodations and an underwater dining experience, the majesty of the island’s rich history and natural beauty perfectly characterize the aim of your Maldives vacation.

Are you satisfied that the Maldives can be trusted for historical research?

Final Words

These top 12 historic locations in the Maldives were chosen to give you more motivation to travel there. The Maldives were formerly thought of as a haven for water babies. However, this island country is much more than its floating overwater villas, sand-drenched beaches, and everything else you may have read about.