Thailand is ideal for couples looking for a more romantic and opulent holiday. Do you want to take your lover on a honeymoon or want to create special memories together? Whatever your motivation, Thailand consistently exceeds your expectations. 

Thailand’s palm-lined coastline, vibrant, clean beaches, and opulent coastal resorts all work together to give you the best possible experience. Couples can go to Thailand, and Thailand typically offers a variety of entertainment to tourists worldwide. 

Being a popular destination for newlyweds, Thailand takes extra effort to provide special activities for couples. These top 12 things to do for couples in Thailand will surprise you. These actions will undoubtedly cause your excitement to increase significantly. Take a minute to review the list of “activities to do for lovers in Thailand” without further delay.

1. Cruising Around Thailand’s Waters

Rent a speed boat or a longtail boat, or arrange a romantic cruise to start your holiday on a passionate note. The transparent sea or the robust system of steady canals and rivers are available for sailing. Even though Thai canal cruises are well-liked, include the Chao Phraya river on your bucket list. 

During your cruise, have the opportunity to see Thai culture; this is the best thing to do in Thailand for couples. You may also visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating Marketplace and purchase some trinkets. Explore the magnificent Phi Phi Islands via boat as well.

2. Rejuvenate In Couple’s Spa 

Couples’ relaxation and Thai spa treatments are essential components of any trip to Thailand if you want to enhance your private times holistically. Enter ideal spas that are both upscale and reasonably priced. Yes, you can start getting massages for $5. Visit Phuket’s Sri Panwa for an exotic spa experience and try a sensuous Couples Massage.

3. Snorkelling In The Azure Thai Beaches

Thailand’s clean seas are a benefit to experience snorkelling, whether you and your partner are an adventurous pair or not. Snorkel your way around Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, and Koh Tao’s stunning scenery. Don’t overlook a trip to Phuket. 

You may go snorkelling with shark species, sea turtles, and manta rays there amid corals. Remain at resorts that have a snorkelling location nearby. Because most of these prime snorkelling locations are only accessible from late November to early April, plan your trip accordingly.

4. Enjoy Special Experiences With Thai Elephants

Visit Anantara Golden Triangle if you want to experience something genuinely unique to Thailand. As you can see from the title, this conservation camp offers you the chance to spend some of your precious time with the powerful yet cute Thai elephants.  

Learn more about these magnificent elephants by getting up close to them. Enrol in a Mahout training program together. Learn how to handle, feed, and wash these creatures. Make it a little more romantic by reserving a candlelight meal near the camp for elephant calves. Enjoy the cosiest supper while seeing the amusing baby elephants.  

5. Learn Fascinating Flavours Of Thai Cuisine

Even though Thai food is widely available across the city, mastering the secret of Thai cooking will add a little extra spice to your life. Many resorts, including Aleenta Phuket, provide unique culinary workshops for couples.  

Explore some traditional cooking methods and recipes so that you may recreate your favourite moments even after you come home. A cookbook may also be handed to you after your training. 

6. Watch Sunset From Rooftop Bars

You won’t run out of amazing rooftop bars in Thailand. You can always wind up at the distinctive and themed taverns with roof access, whether in the city, the country or both, to enjoy the view.  

Pre-book bars in Bangkok with a complete view, a variety of drinks and wines, candlelight meals, and romantic settings for a more abundant experience. This is the best romantic thing to do in Thailand for couples. On the other hand, Phuket has inexpensive bars.

7. Have A Movie Night Under Starry Sky

Thailand is well known for more than just its beaches, cities, and nightlife. It also offers secret places where you may watch movies while gazing up at the stars. Yes! Your reading was accurate. Every Tuesday and Saturday, go to SALA Phuket with your significant other to cuddle up while watching a movie and eating popcorn beneath the stars.

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8. Marvel At Ang Thong National Marine Park

Many of Thailand’s most exquisite and vibrant fish and marine life may be found. Therefore, visiting Koh Samui, visit the magnificent Ang Thong National Marine Park.  

Explore this lovely national park on foot. Do you intend to pop the question to your partner? This park’s spectacular vista makes it the ideal location. Sea otters, dolphins, sharks, sea creatures, lizards, and birds may be found in the vast; blue Thai Sea encircled 41 islands. This breathtaking scenery will enchant both you and your lover. 

9. Learn Muay Thai Together 

Learn Thai combat techniques to add more strange and thrilling experiences to your stay. The popular sport in Thailand, Muay Thai boxing, is worth your time and work. Muay Thai courses are available in various Thailand resorts and gyms. Sign up, wear pair of shorts inspired by Muay Thai boxing, and have more fun than in any other place.

10. Laze Around In Luxury Stay 

Finally, it would be best if you did not skip resting on your honeymoon at one of Thailand’s well-known villas, five-star hotels, or resorts. Enjoy the sunshine while lounging and making the most of your time together.  

While taking a bath or swimming in the private pool, see the night sky. Enhance the romance by receiving the best service possible from Thai hospitality experts. 

11. Take Yourselves to a Romantic and Expensive Dinner

Thailand is a country that is very accessible and inexpensive for individuals who live in the “Western” world to travel there. You’ll appreciate being able to treat your companion to “expensive” dinners on a budget. 

Sure, lunches at upscale resorts might cost $100 or more, but there are many unique places where you and your date can have a fine meal for around $20 to $30. Even in the United States, it costs more than $20 to eat at Chipotle.

12. Rent a Boat 

Speaking of that unbelievable exchange rate, you can charter a personal longtail boat for roughly USD 50 per day to tour the coastline and neighbouring islands. Some of our fondest days in Thai were spent sailing along the Krabi coast or the Phi Phi Islands.

The boats are adorable and give you a chance to access isolated beaches and far-flung sections of islands that you may not otherwise be able to get on foot.

You may enjoy an amazing time on the water with your lover without owning a big yacht or a beautiful boat. The longtail boats themselves are pretty lovely and endearing. 


These are the things to do in Thailand for a day. Thailand is undoubtedly the best option if you’re unsure where to go on your honeymoon or for a romantic getaway with your significant other also, Thailand is safe for unmarried couples.  

Thailand provides a wealth of activities for couples, so don’t wait any longer to begin planning the trip of a lifetime there. Check out the hand-selected Thailand honeymoon packages on Pickyourtrail to start your travel arrangements. You also have the option of tailoring your schedule for Thailand.