Are you considering a vacation to Dubai and curious about what awaits you there? Well, don’t worry! The food in Dubai combines Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic flavours, leaving you wanting more. Go to the restaurants or the streets; either way, you’ll have a great time.

 You can’t resist the delectable flavours that Dubai foods seem to store for you, whether you consider yourself a foodie or not. You will undoubtedly have a foodgasm from the irresistible fragrance of the spicy treats in Dubai. 

Every foodie may find something to enjoy in Dubai, vegans and non-vegetarians alike. You will have a difficult time choosing because the collection is so wide. Some foods also might make you feel at home since they embody cultural traditions. View all the culinary treats that will cause your tummy to growl with hunger.

Dubai Cuisine: Best food in Dubai To Try In 2022

The top meals from Dubai that foodies will like are in our selection. There are delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available for all types of tourists.

Some of these Dubai cuisines are traditional and prepared using locally grown ingredients, giving you a historical tour of the nation. View some delectable cuisines you may sample while on vacation in Dubai.

Non-Vegetarian Food in Dubai

Those who enjoy meat rejoice! Whether you’re searching for affordable street food or Arabic food in Dubai, the meal’s flavour and the scent will have you returning. You will adore this list if you organize your trip around your food plan as we did. See what people eat in Dubai here.

1. Dubai’s Manousheh – Pizza

 Local pizza called Manousheh is a good option for those with intense palates, especially if you’re seeking Dubai delicacies. It turns out to be the ideal option for a sumptuous breakfast. Stretchable dough or flatbread topped with exotic ingredients like olive oil, aromatic zaatar herbs, and salty Akkawi cheese.

 It is recommended as the go-to meal for Dubai’s greatest street cuisine. Don’t forget to stuff yourself with minced lamb and delicious jam. It is well-liked by both residents and tourists.

Price: INR 750 and above

2. Iranian sangak

 Good day, bread lovers! Iranian Sangak is a delicacy that easily earns a spot on the list of the top foods to eat in Dubai. This whole wheat leavened flatbread from Iran is either in plain or rectangular form. You must taste it because it is Dubai’s most well-known cuisine! Additionally, the bread can be produced entirely without gluten. For foodies and health nuts, it is the food taken

Price Range: INR 360 onwards 

3. Chelo Kebab: A Delightful Snack

Visit Chelo Kebab for some of Dubai’s greatest cuisine. Another name on the list of delectable Emirates-renowned meals is Chelo Kebab, served with fragrant basmati rice flavoured with saffron and a dollop of butter. 

These delicious non-vegetarian delicacies from Dubai are a must-try. It is reported to be extraordinarily delectable and out of this world.

Price range: 500 and above

4. Al Harees

This incredibly delicious recipe will have you yearning for a second serving after baking with wheat, pork, and a bit of salt for many hours. Al Harees is a staple of Ramadan, Eid, and wedding feasts and is one of the most loved traditional dishes from Dubai.  

When you inquire about where to discover the greatest Al Harees, you’ll be astounded at how friendly and welcoming the residents of Dubai are. It is, without a doubt, among the greatest meals served in Dubai.

Price: INR 800 and above

5. Oozie

Oozie is one of the dishes frequently served during weddings and Ramadan celebrations in Dubai. It is a unique cuisine that is prepared using rice. It is either provided as pockets or served alongside the chicken. 

For a soul-soothing experience, consider pairing it with yoghurt or almonds. This is the greatest cuisine in Dubai to sample if you travel there during Ramadan.

Price Range: Verify once in Dubai 

Vegetarian Dubai Cuisine

Dubai is vegetarian-friendly, in contrast to several other nations. Vegetarians will find the nation a treat as many of the most well-known dishes in Dubai cuisines are vegetarian. Check out the top dishes!

 1. Tabbouleh 

No matter how you spell it, it’s delicious. A tabbouleh salad is created with tomatoes, green onions, and cucumbers. It is seasoned with lemon juice and fresh mint. It goes without saying that for foodies searching for healthier alternatives, it is the best food in Dubai.

The options will be endless for health freaks. However, these salads are well-known across Dubai. Try: The variant that comes in packed grape leaves, cherry, and corn flavours is also delicious.

Price range: 500 and above

2. Kousa Mahshi – Experience The Traditional Spices

A staple on the list of the greatest cuisines in Dubai is kousa mahshi. It is filled with courgettes or zucchini with rice and served as a main dish. Its mouthwatering flavour also contributed to its inclusion on the “Dubai exceptional foods list. 

” Numerous people have praised this meal. According to a diner mentioned, this dish is the greatest in the globe. Go ahead and make your own decision! In Dubai, you must have this dish. 

Price: INR 250 and above

3. Shirin Polo

This dish’s appeal can be attributed to its delicious sweet toppings and thick, crispy tahdig crust. Chicken, almonds, carrots, currants, raisins, basmati rice, and Polo Shirin This dish is a must-try if you’re seeking Dubai’s speciality in vegetarian cuisine! We guarantee that your eating experience will leave you extremely satisfied. It is a crucial dish in the cuisine of Dubai.

Price range: 500 and above 

4. Falafel

Is a delicious deep-fried ball shape or patty prepared from crushed chickpeas or fava beans? One of the greatest dishes that people enjoy eating in Dubai is this. For a memorable eating experience, serve it with any bread. 

Ask the server what ingredients the falafel contains, as every restaurant prepares it differently. Ask the waiter before ordering since there may be anything in the meal that you are allergic to. A must-try dish in Dubai is this one.

Price Range: INR 200 or above 

5. Fattoush 

It is a treat for all health and fitness enthusiasts, providing them with a delicious flavour without causing weight gain. It is a Levantine flatbread salad made using pita bread that has been toasted or fried.

 This is one of the well-known dishes from Dubai that will improve your flavour and health. You won’t believe how tasty this toasted meal is! For Asians, this is one of the most delectable dishes famous in Dubai.

Price: from INR 1000 and above

Street Food In Dubai

The globe has fallen in love with the best street food in Dubai. Around the world, more and more individuals are becoming receptive to eating street cuisine. What is the best option to make while deciding what to eat in Dubai? It is usually street food. We’ve selected a few foods that will satisfy the street food enthusiast inside you:

1. Shish Tawook

 The dish shish work appears on the menus of practically all Dubai restaurants. Shish Tawook tastes much better when served as a sandwich than a regular kebab. This meal is offered in many different countries throughout the world, including Pakistan and India, among others. It goes well with fries and pickles. One of the most famous traditional foods in Dubai is this.

2. The Arab Pizza, Lahem Bl Ajin

Lahem Bl Ajin is the second item that comes to mind when we think of street cuisine. The finest in the area. Lahem Bl Ajin, also known as the Arab Pizza, is a delicious Lebanese flatbread pie with spicy ground beef toppings. People who enjoy spicy cuisine consider this meal among Dubai’s greatest foods.

3. Shawarma

Are you curious about what is the best food to eat in Dubai? Who doesn’t like a tasty Shawarma plate? Shawarma is one of the meals on this list of renowned foods from Dubai that are eaten worldwide.

Suppose you’re in Dubai and want to learn more about the city’s street food culture. In that case, you can stop by some of the city’s well-known Shawarma restaurants, like Shawarma Twist, Ikea Bistro, Al Mallah, and Doors Freestyle Grill. So visit these places to sample the regional cuisine of Dubai.

4. Samboosa

While browsing the street food businesses in Dubai, you can tell that various cuisines also influence the city’s cuisine. Samosa, one of the most well-known Indian foods, is offered in Dubai with a variation that includes fish, veggies, and meat. 

Samboosas are filled with a variety of meat and veggies and unusual spices. So, instead of eating samosas filled with potatoes, try one of the city’s specialities, Samboosas.

5. Oman Chips Roll

Since everyone’s childhood, Oman Chips Roll has been a well-known dish in Dubai. Oman chips are a favourite of all ages, including children. You can get these wonderful, smoky chips anywhere. The roll is made of cheese spread, and battered chips rolled into a roll form. As a result, include this Dubai cuisine on your list the next time you visit the nation.


Are you drooling already? So don’t wait; immediately arrange your vacation to Dubai and eat some local fare. You’ll be astounded by the level of courtesy and professionalism that Dubai’s eateries display. After your meal, be sure to give them a generous tip. Cheers to that!